Horsemen of the Commonwealth is on Patreon!

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We’re hard at work on our first epic title, Horsemen of the Commonwealth! Right now, Horsemen is a labor of love. We’re working hard to make it the most immersive, extensive and professional quest mod ever made for FO4. Our goal is for Horsemen to be available on PC, XBOne and, eventually, PS4 and we want to ensure the same high standards across all platforms.

However, building a mod this big takes a LOT of time, energy and money. Our team is taking time out from their jobs and families to work on a project that has no income at the moment, and likely won’t bring in much beyond the occasional donation in the long run… just to have the chance to bring you an epic expansion for an already epic game in the hopes that we can use it as a springboard to bring you our own titles in the future (yes, we’ve already got a standalone, cross-platform game in the planning stages).

So… we’re turning to you, the awesome Fallout community, to help us make this happen without having to break the proverbial piggybank. Your help will allow us to continue to work on and improve Horsemen of the Commonwealth, and help us build more epic titles in the future (including at least one follow-up to Horsemen that’s already being worked on).

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