We let the dog out!

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I know we said that Horsemen of the Commonwealth was going to be our inaugural title… and it still technically is. But… in the process of rolling out Widget Interactive we realized that our parent company had already taken one tiny step into the gaming space. So, we decided to put all our gaming properties under one roof! Anyone out there using WatchDog? Well, it’s ours now and it’s updated!

Along with the migration of WatchDog to Widget Interactive we did a quick audit and realized that it was a teensy bit outdated. The last available version was built against Spigot 1.9 (we’re now on 1.10.2)! So, a rebuild was in order! And along with that rebuild, a new feature!

In the early days of WatchDog, a user commented that it would be nice to allow people who had the watchdog.statusupdates permission the option of enabling/disabling the notifications on demand. Well now you can! Watchdog now has a notify command through which you can check your current notification status, and enable or disable whenever you want! Enjoy!

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