…And another update!

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OK, I’ve been going a bit crazy the last 48 hours. I just pushed Scholar 1.1.0, which actually starts adding unique features! So far, not much new… but two things were added in this release. First, I’ve added notification support for timer completion. Notifications are configurable and can be displayed through a message in chat, or through the standard center screen notification text. Additionally, I’ve added a new slash command. Now, typing /scholar timers will toggle visibility of all active timers! I also fixed a few bugs (most notably, me forgetting to change a version number… sorry to anyone who couldn’t actually update today). This isn’t as polished as I’d like it to be, but I REALLY wanted to get it out there and get some community feedback… and I’m actually not going to be around too much tomorrow morning/early afternoon. So… if you find any issues with this release, let me know!


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