Introducing Kasa Media!

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For those who aren’t already aware, in addition to being the founder and lead developer for Widget Interactive, I’m also trying to build a bus. By build a bus, I mean I want to buy a bus, convert it into an RV, and live in it. Who wouldn’t want to be able to take their home with them, right? I’m already a minimalist, so I don’t have much downsizing to worry about; it just seems like a good idea!

As part of the process towards building my bus, I’ve put a significant amount of energy into figuring out how to best handle media while on the road. Sure, Netflix and Hulu are options, but there’s a pretty good chance I won’t always have reliable internet. I have a fair amount of media, and Kodi seems to be the way to handle it. Problem solved!

One of the really nifty things about Kodi is that it is hackable, and already boasts a fairly large library of addons and skins to help make your setup your own. However, despite the number of available addons, I found a feature I wanted that simply didn’t exist; at least not in the way I wanted. Back in January, I found a pet project being slowly developed by another developer called Special Features. It was effectively a prototype, but was pretty close to what I was looking for. I submitted a few patches for it, started being active on its forum thread, and soon started working with the developer towards a more polished product.

In the following months, we built a real team around Special Features, released a second Kodi addon, and have no intention of stopping with just those two products. In fact, we have some very lofty long term goals! With the addition of multiple products, it seemed prudent to start branding our work. This… Kasa Media was born! Check us out, check out Kodi, and stay tuned for what’s coming down the line! We’ve got big things in store for the community!

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